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Feb 21st-23rd 2018


The World's First Crypto & Blockchain Online Summit Designed For Beginner, Immediate and Advanced Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Investors and Advocates.

21 World-Leading Crypto & Blockchain Experts Reveal How To Utilize, Monetize & Capitalize On Digital Currency In This Modern Day Gold Rush


Featured Summit Speakers: 

Jeff Kirdeikis

Lindsey Maule



TokenCard is a mobile app that works worldwide allowing token holders to use their digital assets like a debit card.

These two twenty-somethings raised 16.7M in just 6 minutes during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowdsale

James Slazas

Mel Gelderman & David Hoggard

Managing Director, Consensys

A blockchain company creating simplified and automated decentralized applications to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and exchanges.

James has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, from his time at Lehman Brothers to co-founding a hedgefund

CEO and Managing Partner of Luna Capital

Luna Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund located in the SF Bay Area

Former Head of Cryptocurrency Research at Precursor Ventures, a pre-seed/seed VC firm

Started trading and investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013

Founder, Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency Investing is the world's largest cryptocurrency Facebook group with 100,000+ members

Top 3 rated cryptocurrency podcast of 2017

#1: Wealth Creation

#2: Technology Boom

Not Yet Involved In Crypto?

Online for the first time, we're bringing the world experts in Crypto & Blockchain altogether. Here to accelerate you from what you know about digital currency and pass you the cutting edge information on what the leaders, investors & banks are calling the 

"Gold Rush of our Generation."

Here's why you should get involved and take advantage of one of the biggest economic and techonolgocal growth opportunties of this lifetime. 

For the first time ever online, we bring forth the experts in Crypto and Blockchain technology front and center to share about the expanding growth of this digital industry and how its disruption and innovation will shape our world in 2018 and beyond.

#3: Industry Disruption

Bitcoin, the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Since its inception, Cryptocurrency has soared in value. It's total worth is still less than a quarter of what the dot-com bubble was worth in the year 2000, when it burst at a value of 

2.95 trillion. Making it no better time then now to invest in this thriving technology.

DAY 2: The Implementation

> Understand What's The Use Of Crypto & Blockchain In The World Of Business 

> What Are The Best Coins To Look At Right Now

> Compare The Realities Of Short Term Trading vs. Long Term Investing

> What The Experts Are Doing Today To 10x, 20x & 50x Their Money Tomorrow

> Think Like An Expert & Understand Risk Management

> How Blockchain Is Paving The Way In Which We Exchange Money...

> The 1-12 Month Plan & Future Forecast Of Cryptocurrencies

> How To Create Your Own Crypto & Blockchain Technology

> Why Make Your Own Initial Coin Offering & The Potential Of World Digital Currency 

> How Will Crypto & Blockchain Disrupt The Mainstream On A World Wide Scale

> How Does A World React With Crypto, Blockchain & How To Innovate

> The Future Of Crypto, Blockchain & Where Is It Heading...

DAY 3: The Future

> The Basics: Learn What Crypto, Bitcoin, and The Blockchain Is

> Find Out What Makes Up The Technology Behind It

> Investing 101: How To Start Buying & Selling Today

> What Are The Best & Safest Platforms To Trade With & What Wallets To Use 

> How To Protect Yourself, Your Personal Data & Most Importantly Your Money

> And Learn The #1 Rule For Investing In Crypto...

DAY 1: The Foundation

The Crypto Online Summit Overview

21 World-Leading Crypto & Blockchain Experts Reveal How To Utilize, Monetize & Capitalize On Digital Currency In This Modern Day Gold Rush

Head Of Growth, CoinCircle

Involved in running growth for over $33m in crowd sales. We Tokenize Established Companies, Moving Industry-Leading Products Onto The Blockchain.

VP of Partnerships at ShipChain

Co-founder of Influencive, 2x G20 YEA Entrepreneur, VP of Partnerships at ShipChain, Speaker, Writer & Advisor at Adbank and TokenAI.

Day 1: The Foundation

Justin Wu

Ameer Rosic

Cherie Aimée

Clinton Senkow

Mariza Monteiro

Founder, She Knows Crypto

Crypto expert with 20+ years experience in the financial industry. Founder of She Knows Crypto, an online education platform that explains crypto so anyone with a non-technical background can understand what it is and how to get started.

CEO, Blockgeeks

CEO of Blockgeeks Inc. an online hub about the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technologies. Serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and a Blockchain evangelist. 

VP of Community Management,  ShipChain

Recently named one of 18 Extraordinary Women You Need to Know Now. Cherie is leveraging the power of the Blockchain to revolutionize the 8 trillion dollar freight industry.

CEO and Co-Founder, Blockchain Industries, Inc.

Serial entrepreneur and Blockchain investor through the Evolve Fund.

Former Financial Advisor for Raymond James where he managed $40m in discretionary accounts

Patrick Moynihan

Marquis Trill

Erica Douglass

Jeff Kirdeikis


Known for building from scratch, self-funding, and then selling a web hosting company at age 26 for $1.1 million. Specializes in building long-term crypto portfolio, and how to pick the winners and losers in new markets.

Roger Bryan

Piper Moretti

Co-Founder, Digital Currency Index LLC & Block Insights

Scaled and Sold Two Firms and Co-Founder of two Cryptocurrency Projects. Digital Currency Index is a price-weighted average of 30 significant digital currencies traded on Major Exchanges.

Founder, Cryptocurrency Investing

Founder of the worlds largest Facebook Cryptocurrency Group, Cryptocurrency Investing, it’s affiliated webpage,, and top 3 rated cryptocurrency podcast. 

Evan Luthra

Angel Investor, Blockchain Expert

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor running having helped raise over $100 Million+ for multiple ICOs. Heavily invested in Blockchain providing solutions to governments and enterprises via 


With a following of 8M+ on Twitter & Instagram and an online reach of 30M+ people per month. He is widely considered one of the industry’s most influential & powerful resources in the cryptocurrency space.

Day 2: Implementation

CEO, The Crypto Realty Group

A realty firm specializing in conducting real estate transactions with crypto currency.

Advisor to the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab and member of the LA chapter of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association

Brian D. Evans

Founder, TokenCard

Raised 16.7M in just 6 minutes during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowdsale. TokenCard is a mobile app that works worldwide allowing token holders to use their digital assets like a debit card.

James Slazas

Lindsey Maule

Mel Gelderman & David Hoggard

Day 3: The Future

Milan Koch

Managing Director, ConsenSys Capital Asset Management 

25+ years of experience in the financial industry. ConsenSys is a blockchain company creating simplified and automated decentralized applications to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and exchanges.

Founder and Managing Partner of Alphablock

Hedge fund founder investing in crypto assets and emerging blockchain technologies. Before founding alphablock, Milan served as Managing Director of Accelerators at AngelHack where he managed a $70M+ portfolio

CEO and Managing Partner 

of Luna Capital

A cryptocurrency hedge fund located in the SF Bay Area. Former Head of Cryptocurrency Research at Precursor Ventures, a pre-seed/seed VC firm. Started trading and investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013

CMO, ShipChain

Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. Founder of Influencive. Columnist for top publications. #7 Marketing Influencer on Forbes, #4 Most Influential Business Journalist, Top 10 Digital Marketer, and Blockchain Enthusiast.

Who Should Attend This Summit

Those Who Want To Accelerate Their Growth & Learn From The Experts Sharing Their Invaluable Knowledge On Crypto & Blockchain. 

Those Who Want One Trusted & Centralized Online Platform To Source All The Expert Data. 

Those Who Want To Bring Community Into Crypto As Our Experts Guide You Through The Hype.

Those Who Want To Utilize, Monetize, & Capitalize On What Experts Are Calling The Modern Day "Digital Gold Rush"

Ranked by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing The World in 2017 and Top 40 Millennials To Follow in 2018 Jules Schroeder founded her first six-figure company at 18 and her first seven-figure company at 22. 

She is the founder of Unconventional Life, a  global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders. Unconventional Life hosts masterminding events for entrepreneurs in exotic locations, while also running a podcast for entrepreneurs that appear on the Forbes Under 30 channel. 

At 28, Jules is creating a movement to empower others to choose themselves by learning strategies from top experts so they can profit from their passions in this evolving world. In addition, Jules is a singer, speaker, and adventure enthusiast.

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